...the little pill we commonly refer to as paxil wakes up each morning and prances around the bottle...."I am here to take you to a place were minds are numb, food is fake and there are no tears! Heck, you wont laugh either. So pop me in your disgusted mouth and swallow me with water! I taste even better with breakfast! "

So you listen to the little pill, and like a robot, you put the pill in your mouth, feel it as it slides down your dry throat and start your Paxil Day! Ah lets see...what situation shall the pill manipulate first? Perhaps going to school with the pill dissolving in your tummy is a grand idea. Then you can sit there with your glazed eyes, monotone voice and sudden desire to participate and enjoy the benefits of 20 mg a day of the Happy Pill....well we know better, dont we?

So one day you wake up, and avoid taking your pills. Suddenly its all so clear...You have become a Paxil Person. And you dont want this. So no more pill popping for this independent human. So, feeling free again, you march off to school, thinking that everything will be ok.

You wake up from a dream in which people are dying, murderers run free, and the people you love hate you. You go to the bathroom but end up on the floor. You feel dizzy. My oh my what could be the cause of this sudden vertigo??? Thinking you might have the flu, you hop back into bed, only to be awakened by another vivid dream. Wondering if perhaps the fact that you quit Paxil might be the reason for this hell, you go online, and sure enough, your Happy Pill has backfired and left you tortured. After reading over the various horror stories suffered by others going through Paxil withdrawal, you march into your bathroom.

Shedding light on the sleeping Paxil Pills, you open the medicine cabinet. Snatching frantically at the bottle, you take two pills. You are safe. In the "safety" of your medication. You sigh, thinking to yourself, "Ah...I am home again."

And this friends, is the vicious cycle of medication. Enjoy!