Paxil Cop.

I have been on Paxil for a year. It has been a nightmare. It has cost me my marriage (divorce pending), my children (if you check into a psychiatric facility it can be used against you. Ironically they thought I relapsed into depression and they upped my dose), our childrens ministry, and potentially my job. I am (was?) a cop for the past eighteen years and a husband and father for sixteen. I am now on administrative leave and under internal investigation for aggressive issues.
I have been shot at and faced all sorts of crap, but I have never dealt with anything like this. My new psychiatrist believes me and he is weaning me down (like a run away freight train). This withdrawal is bad!
I am certainly glad they took all my guns!
I can assure you that when I get my brains back in my head and off the floor where they feel like they are falling as they are melting and running out my ears I am going to kick somebody's ass over this (with a lawyer).
Anyone out there got any Raid to kill these ants crawling under my skin?
As the Bible tells us "This too will pass".