Hiya! I just visited your site and noticed that you have
a "Paxil Humor" section that could use some chuckles. Well,
I remember a Paxil Moment I had a couple of months ago that
still makes me chuckle. Maybe I just have a weird sense of
humor; but if it makes someone else smile, I'd be proud. =)

So...I should start by telling you the background, I guess.
I am unemployed, and was not yet approved for the state
medical coverage which I now receive. That meant that I got
my Punchy Paxil (nicknamed for the shaky, hyper, abnormally
giddy feeling it occasionally causes me to feel) through
the inpatient pharmacy at the local hospital (they have a
free sample program for outpatients w/no insurance.) Until
the month in question, they'd been giving me my goodies in
a plain prescription bottle, only the insurance label was
blank, and "$0.00" was written on the copay line. I was on
30mgs. of the stuff, and had been taking a pill and a half
of pink 20mg. pills to see if 30mgs. was a high enough
dose. Well, it wasn't, and my doctor upped it to 40mgs. the
next month. That month, I went to the pharmacy to get my
latest shipment. To my horror, the pharmacist handed me one
month of double doses of 20s, instead of one-shot 40s! I.
Completely. Freaked! Worse yet, they came in half-used
packets of leftover samples! They were the PINK pills, not
the GREEN ones I WANTED! And they were in PACKAGES THAT
BIG ZIPLOC BAGGIE for the whole damn world to see!

A couple of hours and some soothing herbal tea later, I was
able to laugh at the experience. How sorry is it to freak
out and start obsessing over the color and packaging of the
stuff that's supposed to treat my OCD? I'd hate to be
across the table from me if I were ever served Vanilla
Coke; or, worse yet, that purple Heinz ketchup! :P

Anyway; hope that brings at least a chuckle. If you can
laugh at mental illness, you can beat it!