This is not me, I'm not anyone just existing waiting for the doctor's in the morning. Going to make an emergency apointment get another script. Waking in the morning extreme irratability shouting, no fucking screaming at kids, poor sods, just want to sit wait for script. Four days now have run out, work a sixty hour week v difficult to get a repeat script. After anger comes nothing, just nothing, no connection, no relation nothing just existing with the head zaps for fun. Can't relate to kids, this could n't happen at a worse time one week off from work to spend with the kids, usually the most caring parent you could find, love my kids fucking love them to pieces. fucking ruined need that script, kick this another time. tears come stairing in to the fridge, need some milk shop seems like light years away. stilll the zaps persist. sweeting sleepless lathargic just want not to be me, not to be here, not now, not like this. crying sad, it will be alright in a days time after th!
e script kicks.just want to rant. sorry