The folloing is a rather bizarre sequence of letters that I received in the span of a few days. I must admit that the sheer venum of the wording left me taken aback. It was the first time that I had encountered such an attack in the two years that I have run the site.

Letter 1


Who the fuck you are to build a site like this motherfuckers? Who the hell are you to have such a shit sites on paxil to misdirect people and cause trouble ehite trash mother fuckers.
You are bunch of fuck holes who dont know anything abaout medicine and have your shit to hurt people.

God damn sickos like you.

[same letter]
I simply wanted to send out a quick thank you for the information made available through I ran out on a 40mg dose with no samples available at my doctor's office becuase they are no longer being supplied by the manufacturer as samples. My wonderful HMO won't let me have the prescription filled at a local pharmacy, so I am in the middle of waiting the 9 to 11 days to receive it by mail.

The first few days were okay, but starting about three days ago, the symptoms became so accute that I thought something more serious than missing the paxil must be wrong with me. Chest pains, dizziness, shortness of breath, excrutiating headaches, disassociation from my body, horrible mood swings and depression. At night, I lie awake for hours listening to the blood beat inside my ears. I can hear my eyeballs moving. This constant battle rages in me not to start balling my eyes out, or to scream in anger.

As the single mother of a 3 and 5 year old, I thought I might be losing my mind - especially with the stressors of sibling rivalry present in such young angels. Even though I am not planning to remain off Paxil at this time, your site has opened my eyes and informed me in many ways. I feel like I can make it through these next few days, and that I am not the monster I thought I was becoming. Thank you.


Letter 2

Is not the following your biography jack ass druggie: Who are you to set up a web site to abuse people suffering from paxils effects, which are created years and years of hard work by researchers not aimless , jobless jack shits like you:

[ he/ she then pasted the "about" section into the email ]


Letter 3

why don't you put your financial reports or whose those mysterious supporters are (which lawyers or scabvengers employes you jobless shit?) instead of GSKs? Why dont you warn people about your finances and warn them about not giving advice on drugs ? You sold out little shit.
Post this also with other eials from your visitors, or does it take long for you to produce those fake letters from unknown visitors.? You and your supporters should br sued for misinforming people and producing fake letters and documents to support your activities.


To this I replied as follows:

I should have been more specific in my question:
your original letter seems to have been sent by two different persons : one a vitriolic, angry man, the second by a single mother thanking me for the content of this site.

As for your specific concerns:
profits made from this site : 0
donations received over the years: $75.00
law firms behind it: 0
drug of choice: Heineken
aimless: rather
fake letters: 0
"supporters"= 0
real letters in DB: 6000+
jobs: always working
my finances: none of your business
law suit against me: I would very much welcome it, since GSK does not seem to want to do so .

Your letter will gladly be posted. Would you like me to include your email address? I'll also put down your name, which you seem to have obmitted.

It is only the second letter of this kind , which I have received since starting the site. Jolly good fun .

All the best


Final reply (so far)

Ofcourse GSK does not sue you as they don't take you seriously. Are you trying to push this to the limits by stating your Heineken choice or are you telling us you are an alcholic as it is your drug of choice? You will hear from my lawyer jennifer Gibbs of Chicago soon too.

Goahead and post this email if you dare to show people how loose and unknowledgable you are on the subject. Place all the emails and name too

Stacey Gaskel

[ since she asked for it, here is her email address. Please don't use it to antagonize this rather disturbed woman or man. Mind you, the mail came from different addresses, so chances are good that the one given was just a temporary one.]