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Over the last few years, visitors have written in with a number of suggestions on how to deal with Paxil withdrawal. Since this site's purpose is to catalogue any information which might prove useful, I have included most of the material which has come my way. Some of the kookier ones,however, I have left out.

Please note , however, that these tips are not given by experts. I also have no way of knowing if they are accurate or medically sound. Should you follow any of these examples, especially when they involve medication, realize that you are acting on non-proven, non medically sanctioned information.

I strongly advise, that you should consult a trusted physician before taking any medication or natural remedy..

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  General Guidelines:
decrease your dosage slowly (check with your physician)
- if possible, book a couple of weeks off from work and send the kids to camp.
- don't be afraid to inform your friends and family if you find that the symptoms are noticeable to others.
- eliminate as many possible stressors in your life as you can, (e.g. finances, duties, chores)   before starting withdrawal.
-find some kind of pleasant memory or thought which you can call upon in the darkest moment.   This helps to provide context and hope to the struggle when it is most needed.
- surround yourself with means to distract yourself from the symptoms, e.g. books, films, games   etc.
- if possible, engage in some physical activity (golf appears to be an efficient aid according to at   least one visitor)
-stay away from recreational drugs, including alcohol.
- realize that there is an end to it.
- be in touch with your physician, if only for reassurance.
  to help you objectify the experience keep a written account of your the   process.

"J.B.'s" Guide to Paxil Withdrawal
Thanks to the generous donation of a mysterious contributor , identified only as "J.B.", we now have a Guide to Withdrawal. Please be advised that although I find the report extremely informative and very well written, it should not be used as a substitute for medical consultation. Still, I am very impressed by the amount of work and detail that went into it.

Visitors' Advice:

I am a 31 year old teacher who has been on paxil for 2 years to treat my panic attacks. I tried to get off paxil 4 times and always experienced horrible side-effects that caused me to go back on my 30 mg daily dose of paxil. After gaining 60 pounds and getting rid of several doctors, I lucked out. I found a great doctor who, working with her psychiatrist friend, helped me get off paxil in just 9 days. Here's the plan:
Days 1-3: 30 mg paxil/ 10mg prozac
Day 4: 20mg paxil/ 20mg prozac
Day 5: 10mg paxil/ 20mg prozac
Days 6-9: 0mg paxil/ 20mg prozac
I then stopped taking prozac.
I never thought this would work. I thought my doctor was being naive and I'd be back in ther in 2 days telling her to find another plan. I'd tried slow weaning before and was too sick to get out of bed at 25mg a day.
I'm not saying this was easy, but it was nothing like I'd gone through any other time I tried quitting. I had no panic and almost no head zaps. I did spend a lot of time asleep and I didn't drive for a couple of weeks (my choice not to due to lack of need and attention span.) I have been off paxil for 22 days and am now experiencing some panic and insomnia, but I also went off 2 allergy medications and birth control at the same time I did this so my body is a little unhappy right now for may reasons. If you have tried other ways to get off paxil and have been unsuccessful, go to your doctor and try this! Good Luck!

How I quit:
Organic diet for the first week. Vegetarian only. Week two organic meat introduced. Only fluid was water or cammomile tea. Cammomile tea bothered my stomach so relied solely on water. After week one nicotine craves decreased 80% (I quit smoking when I quit paxil - both cold turkey).

I also take 1 tablet Stress Formula B supplement with 100mg vitamin C and 1 capsule Vitamin A to help with energy and toxin cleanse.

Use organic diet for as long as you can to help remove the toxin build up in the body. It is amazing how good the body feels when there is a reduction of processed crap when you are trying to recover from this drug.
Water, water, water. Keep hydrated. Stay in airconditioning during summer. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent dizziness, palpitations, and skin rash. Talk to anyone and everyone about what you are experiencing. It helps. Believe in yourself. This is not you. It is the drug. Acupuncture works very well to balance the body. Breathe slowly and enjoy everybreath. You will make it. My husband wonders why I was ever on the drug in the first place. He says I am better now than I have been in two years. I believe he is right. Hang in there and don't give up. You will make it.

I'm a primary care doc. i've had a few of my patients who are discontinuing SSRI's tell me that they've felt remarkably better immediately after eating some chocolate. tho' i usually give folks who are stopping a short-acting SSRI like paxil some prozac for a couple of days (the prozac's long half-life minimizes symptoms) chocolate might be worth considering, since there's some evidence that chocolate may affect neurotransmitter levels.

"I am a 25 year old medical student, and I have been on paxil 20 mg for approximately 9 months for anxiety. I wanted to get off the paxil because of the sexual side effects (no libido, anorgasmic) that were wreaking havoc on my marriage of 6 months. I knew paxil could cause withdrawal, so with my psychiatrist's consent, I tappered my dose over 2 weeks: I week at 10 mg, an 1 at 5 mg. This was supposed to prevent withdrawal, but it didn't. When I went down to the 5 mg, the withdrawal began. I had incredible migraines almost every day, incapacitating nausea, dizziness, lethargy, hot flashes and chills, blurred vision, a strange noise in my ears when I turned my head, nightmares, etc. I eventually ended up in the ER due to the migraines and althought the doctors didn't know my symptoms where due to paxil withdrawal, even though I told them I had just stopped taking it. But the ER doc gave my PHENERGYN, which is basically an antihistamine that works on motion sickness. It is the ONLY thing that has helped me get through these last 2 weeks. It eliminated the nausea, decreased the blurred vision and sounds in my ears, and stabilizes the dizziness. I am not a doctor, so I am not advocating that this is for everyone, but it really helped me with my symptoms. I think anyone with similar sx to me should discuss taking phenergyn or another antiemetic (anti nausea/vomiting med) with their doctor. I'm at two weeks post-Paxil, and it gets better every day. KF"

Another way to at least feel better and feel like you are doing something to help yourself is to try sublingual Vitamin B12 (sublingual means administered under the tongue.) It's NOT regular B12; the package will actually say "sublingual." I couldn't find it at the regular drug store-type chains, so I found it at my local GNC store. I'm suggesting sublingual instead of vitamin tablets because sublingual administration is supposed to be as effective as getting the B12 shot but cheaper and more pleasant. FYI - B12 is used for nervous system regeneration, for added stamina, for aiding in proper blood formation, and often used to help handle stress. I also have been drinking at least 64 oz. of water each day to help me feel like I am flushing the toxins from my body. Good luck to you all!

I now have been off of the paxil for only 2 weeks total the St. John Wart Hypericin I only took for two days and I have no withdrawal symptoms at all!!!! I think I am through it and very happy!!! So I definitely recommend the Hypericin to help other withdrawers to find their strength to get off the paxil!!"

again - [drinking] lots and lots of water does help.

The more gently, the better.
2. Pill cutters are fab-u-lous! Less than $3.00 @ the pharmacy, they allow for the accurate halving o' those pesky pills.
3. Paxil exists in liquid form! Tell the neighbors! Wake the kids! If a 5 mg-dosage drop is too harsh on your system, the oral suspension liquid goo (orange-flavored, no less!) allows you to taper as little as one mg. at a time.
4. You're not going crazy."

Please advise your readers to try acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help them deal with their withdrawal symptoms. I have done so and it is very helpful. Any reputable acupuncturist will know how to treat you and what herbs to give you for this problem

I started my own formula for the withdrawal process: Tylenol for the head aches, Dramamine for the motion sickness and dizziness. i eliminated all alcohol, pop, and caffeine. To get to sleep i would meditate and do breathing exercises. I also took Tylenol pm to cause drowsiness. i began taking in large amounts of water. And prayed. Hope this helps someone!!

I wrote you a while ago about my withdrawing off of Paxil using Valerian and Skullcap. Just to update you. As of today, I am taking 1/4 a pill and will be completely off the Paxil by Saturday. I am doing GREAT! Aside from some very short lived symptoms of light headedness and headaches, I did super! For the symptoms, I popped an extra Valerian root. This would take the dizziness away and allow me to calm down. To boot, I was on my period during the bulk of the withdrawal. I am impressed with the success of the natural herbal way to get off the drug. As for the night terrors that brought me to the Paxil in the first place... I have tried to get a couple of them, but with meditation I was able to quickly pass through them and go back to sleep. There is a way out of the drug and I am here at the other end and hey.. It's pretty neat!

Life is cool ...I'm off paxil and all other SSRIs! How? Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture during the withdrawal. also a twice a day cocktail of 5HTP, Saint John's Wort, SAME, Vitamins, Flax oil, and pet therapy( my dogs)....good luck to all. Try the natural route It works!

...If anyone else that is writing to you is having trouble with massive night sweats I have a suggestion of trying to drink plenty of water during the day. It seems to have been helping me.

I was able to get off 10-15mg of paxil/day with little withdrawal by fasting. The third day I was extremely tired, (could have been caffeine withdrawal). Fasting is great to ward-off depression. I realize fasting is not for everyone but in my case it was the best way I ever got off paxil, (it was a 10 day fast)

I am a "lay" counselor at the church I attend and have just helped someone come out of "paxil hell" and have found Dr. Ann Blake Tracy's book a tremendous help . I had the honor of speaking to her by phone for over an hour because I was doing research on "bi-polar" diagnosis. Plus, I had ordered her book and tape on coming off of SSRIs' back in January to help my friend. She specifically recommended a special-ordered Noni juice. When I talked to her by phone 2 weeks ago, she again reiterated the effectiveness of Noni juice, not just for SSRI withdrawal, but also for people who are in their "manic" phase in depression. (We're talking serious delusions!!!) She has seen incredible results with this Noni juice. She believes that it has a particular digestive enzyme that dissolves excess seratonin in the body. But, don't buy the kind in health food stores-it's not processed properly.

Good luck to all of you that are trying really hard to get off this drug. You can do it. Here are a few suggestions: . 1) Believe in yourself. Control your mind and thoughts. Throw away negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations. 2) Drink lots of water all throughout the day. I don't mean the minimum amount of water (64oz) I mean at least 100 oz each day. It keeps your body flushed. It will also give you lots of energy. 3) Take a high potency multi-vitamin with herbs 4) Walk at least 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week to your favorite music. 5) Journal each day about how you are feeling and goals that you are setting for that particular day. 6) Eat healthy- It will make you feel better overall plus it will get off all the extra weight you gained on Paxil! (smile) 7) Get professional counseling and read lots of self help books. Try to stay with one author that you can relate to because they all have different methods and philosophies.8) Enjoy your wonderful life after Paxil !"

..I did find that taking a Vitamin B supplement or a Multivitamin with B has dramatically increased these symptoms. Vitamin B is also useful in abating some of the side effects of the medication.

am finally Paxil free after 3 tries:)) You asked me to send you the schedule I used so here it is:
Original Dose: 40mg
Week 1: 30mg
Week 2: 20mg
Week 3: 10mg
Week 4: Day 1: 5mg
Day 2: 10mg
Day 3: 5mg
Day 4: 10mg
Day 5: 5 mg
Day 6: 10mg
Day 7: 5 mg
Week 5: Day 1: 5 mg Started: Prozac 10mg
Day 2: 10mg Paxil + Prozac 10mg
Day 3: 5 mg Paxil + Prozac 10mg
Day 4: 5 mg Paxil + Prozac 10mg
Day 5: 10mg Paxil + Prozac 10 mg
Day 6: 5 mg Paxil + Prozac 10 mg
Day 7: 5 mg Paxil + Prozac 10 mg
Week 6: Prozac 10 mg
All through the above schedule, I had some withdrawal symptoms like headache, nausea and mild panic attacks. I was told that I could take Advil for the headache, Gravol for the nausea and I did deep breathing (deep breath in through the nose and blow it slowly out of the mouth) about 3 to 4 times and it took care of the attack.

read 2 accounts of people who took 5-HTP while withdrawing from paxil, both of them reported tremendous success. I tried this as well, and theresults are astounding.
I wake up with the zaps, dizziness, everything. Two hours after taking 150mg of HTP, it's as if there was no withdrawal to begin with.

Well, I am amazed, but this worked. I reduced my dosage to 5mg per day after being on 10mg for weeks. I was on the 5mg's for a 
week or so before quitting. I don't think that there is a true tapering off of this medication. Anyway, I have been having all of the dizziness and the "electrical shock" sensations as well. I tried the dramamine and sudafed and IT WORKED! This is the first time in 5 days that I have not been almost incapacitated by the sensations. I took bonine which is meclazine. It is the non-drowsy formula of dramamine. I also simply took sudafed since I am a little more sensative to large doses of pseudoephedrine. I took 60 mgs of sudafed rather than the 120 mg's that are in the aleve pills. Thanks so much for offering a solution to this miserable problem.

Iquit paxil by only taking the dosage that I was prescribed when I would begin to feel the symptoms which made it unbearable. In other words I would go as long as I could w/o it until I would feel symptoms. This began at 36 hours, increased to 48, then 3 days etc.... until I was off it

I found taking benadryl helped me to sleep. It also helped to mellow me out. Be aware though that when you stop taking benadryl that the symptoms come back but it is a good asprine. Best of luck to all the victims of this drug...The withdrawls do go away eventualy.

...Also, I found that popping a Dramamine helped loads with the dizziness and vertigo, and figured I should mention it.

I suffered severe withdrawl from Paxil that hit me like a ton of bricks, I got dizzy, felt detatched from reality, had the bad "electric shocks" and felt suicidal.
I smoked some cannabis (marijuana), to try and ease the pain, and found that all side effects immediately and totally disappeared, but returned once the pot wore off. Smoked pot for three days, and was never bothered by side effects again.

I recently quit taking Paxil cold-turkey a week ago. The first two days were the worst, but it is slowly getting better. Here are some tips that I have found helpful:
* Take 2 Amino Acid vitamins with each meal
* Kava Kava herbal supplements also work really well for any anxiety you may be feeling at this time
* Drink LOTS of water---it'll help ward off a lot of your dizziness(or in my case, feelings of fainting), and it'll also help flush the Paxil out of your system
* Chew on a piece of ice if you are feeling jittery or anxious (Hey, it works for me!)
* EXERCISE!!!!!!!
* Taking a Niacin vitamin every other day will also help get the Paxil out of your system, therefore decreasing your withdrawl period

My story is a long one. But I will keep it short. About 4 years ago I suffered a serious snowmobile accident. Chronic pain, PTSD, and major depression have been with me ever since. The standard course of action for meds are pain meds narcs.(oxycontin), Paxil 40mg, and Neurontin. After taking all of the above for about 2 yrs., My continued complaints of chronic fatigue led my dr. to take me off of something. He started with the Neurontin. Bad Move. Within the week all of the described paxil side effects kicked in. The side effects peaked with 3 of the worst and DARKEST days of my life. Feeling near death again (the first was the accident) I finally got ahold of a Psychiatrist who would see me immediately. He went right to his Rx pad and wrote one for Neurontin 300mg. We then decided to start the paxil tapper. He also is having me use benedryl to help curb the INTENSE retsless leg (and everything else) syndrome. I take about a half to 1 teaspoon of children's liquid benedryl. The combination seems to really help. I am also tappering off of the narcs at the same time. I'm a little shaky, but doing O.K. I'm hoping to completely free of both in the next 2 - 3 weeks, God willing!
My advice for paxil suffers = ask your Dr. about the Neurontin. And definitely use the Benedryl. 0.5 tsp every few hours throughout the day, with a little extra to help sleep at night. Good Luck!!!!!!

... Anyway, one thing I've also been doing is supplementing with Glutathione; I read about this supplement and how Paxil depletes it from your system. I tried to quit Paxil a few months ago, and experienced all the horrible withdrawal symptoms, but this time, I don't know whether or not it's because of the Prozac or the supplement, but I feel fantastic. Could also be that I've added running back into my life.

Hi. I just wanted to let everyone know that caffiene seems to make the withdrawal effects from the paxil weaning worse. So go without the caffeine if you can. I felt terrible the past two days and today I left off the caffeine and I can honestly say I feel 100 percent better than I did yesterday. I have been on 1/2 dose of my usual 30mg dose for 13 days. No dizziness, just mild aches and pains and changes in my appetite and taste. So,no caffiene for me until this is past. thanks for a great site. S.M.W

...Self treatment: Water, Water, Water - and quit the coffee, which is a
stomach irritant. No wine or beer either. Quit all stomach irritants -
munched on pretzels and rice. I ate small meals but it would upset my
stomach. I take multi-vitamins every morning. Take Aleve for headache -
seems to reduce the zaps too - Aspirin is OK too. So, I'd recommend a
pain/fever reducer taken every 4-6 hours. Also, keep cool - wade in a pool
if you can. I used an antiacid tablet for stomach upset and oh yes,
Dramamine is wonderful!!! My allergy decided to kick in. Sudafed helps
with that and the regular version (not the non-drowsy) seemed to help me
sleep more restfully. For the psychological side: lots of chocolate (I
craved it), HUGGED the kids (my 2 and 4-year old boys), received support
from my best friend and husband....

...I found that the intense dizziness that I get may not have anything to do with my panic attacks, but possibly the withdrawals from the Paxil. I took the last one on Sunday, 10-20-02. The dizziness started last night, Wednesday, 10-23-02. I thought that I was gonna have to take it again today. I work for a chiropractic doctor/acupuncturist/herbologist and today I came to work and told him what was happening. He took my pulse and said it was extremlely weak and he looked up some stuff on the different herbs and supplements he had. He gave me one called Sheng Mai San which is a ginseng & ophiopogon formula. I took three of them about 11:00, another three at 4:00, and am supposed to take another three tonight. It is 4:37 now and my dizziness is almost gone. I know this is a long story, but thought this might help someone else. The herb is made by Treasure of the East and again, it is called Sheng Mai San. I still have not had a Paxil since Sunday and am going to continue to take this to see if it works.

I use a nail file to file off a bit each day. I use a piece of graph paper
and use that as my guide--slowlyslowly shrinking the dosage. So far only a
hint of a headache. Some flatulence well ok more than a little.
I'm taking ginseng, ginger and vitamins. I exercise. So far I'm ok.

My suggestion is to see a chiropractor. He helped me through all of the headaches, brain zaps, and body aches. (Klonapin also helped with the anxiety & terrible insomnia.)Also exercise- I feel that working out helped a lot!

My suggestion :
For singles : surround yourself with one or two loved ones and enlist them as help mates. To watch over you. Talk to you in the middle of the night when your nightmare is preventing you from going back to sleep. To encourage you to eat, even when your nausea and/or acid stomach gives you the reflex not to. To FORCE you to go to the gym (perhaps it is good for them also?). Different sweat - better sleep after.


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