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Some of the works for sale here are on their way to publishers, others will only be sold in e-book format.


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Before you buy.....
Those of you who have read my brief bio will be aware that, although I pick up work wherever I can, my great love is the written word. Sadly, I have passed the age (and lacked the talent) to become a soccer star. My remaining goal is to be able, one day, to feed myself using the ink in my pen.

I am under no illusion that the works for sale on this page will pass into the canon of modern literature. At the same time, I do believe that they have enough merit to warrant their modest price. Should you be so inclined as to purchase one of these books, rest assured that not only will you be indirectly supporting this site, but you will also become that rarest of birds: a patron of the arts.


How to buy a book from this Website

All the books on offer here will be send to you in an electronic format. The steps are very simple:

1) press the "buy" button and fill out the necessary information.( "Pay Pal" is used by millions of users each year and is as secure as any on-line purchase option).
2) I will receive an email notification of your purchase. The book will be sent via email attchement within hours.
3) Open the ebook and enjoy.

In case of dissatisfaction or technical problems, your money will be refunded promptly.

When in Rome, do Like the Vandals: Visions of an Albanian Accountant.

A satirical take on the modern quest for spiritual guidance, this volume's sole purpose is to make the reader smile. If you enjoy Monty Python, Tom Sharp, or Douglas Adams, chances are quite good, that at least you upper lip will twitch once or twice.
- e-book format (not printable)
- Windows Computers only.
US$ 5.00


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Prefer pay by cheque? No problem . Just send one in your local currency (do a rough estimate) to :

2-5562 Bloomfield St
Halifax, NS
B3K 1S9

Important: please include your email address on the actual cheque in the "memo" line or on the back .

Coming very soon (editing stage): Anthology of Children's verses!

find more books at
(and it's all in Canadian Dollars!)


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