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There has been a repeated outcry for some form of legal action against GSK. Some, like myself, feel that it is the fastest way to force the company to warn potential customers as well as the medical community about the potential withdrawal problems associated with Paxil. Others want their pound of flesh in the form of restitution for their suffering. Having read some really horrific stories about financial hardship directly linked to the withdrawal process (especially from American visitors), I believe that legal actions are in indeed in order. Although suffering is hard to quantify, it is virtually inevitable that GSK will be successfully sued.

A number of Class action suits are on their way, and I will try to keep these pages as updated as possible.


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Legal Data Collection Form
over 2400 entries as of 08/05/02
The following form serves as a collecting point, which will be made available only to reputable law firms that are seeking to represent clients against GSK. Some co-operation has already occurred. Rest assured that the information gathered here is treated with utmost privacy . The results are stored in a small database, accessible only to myself. Names and addresses, including e-mail addresses will not be released to any one person or organization, without prior research. Should there be any doubt in my mind, you will be contacted before the information is released. Should this site ever shut down or the information become irrelevant, it will be destroyed with the greatest of care.
Important: this form should only be used as one possible tool in your fight for redress. Contacting attorneys in your area or other law-firms directly via the internet is strongly encouraged. Some data might be used anonymously for research and/or journalistic purposes. Your name will never, ever be used without obtaining prior consent. 
The form below is not yet up.
Postal Code
Started Paxil on:
Ended Paxil on:



Law Firms Dealing with Paxil Withdrawal Issues
Baum, Hedlund, Aristei, Guilford & Schiavo
This firm appears to at the forefront of the battle against GSK. They have launched at least two class action suits against the makers of Paxil. For the sake of full disclosure, I must state that I am one of the complainants in one of their suits. My dealings with them, so far, have been satisfactory. They appear to be well financed and have achieved a decent amount of media exposure, including stories on CNN. Their site is easily navigated as well as up to date. 
Addendum March 7 2002: browsed the internet and found that they are also signing up people from their new, paxil specific site. They also seem to run this one

Shawn Khorrami
California firm that advertises on (they pop up whenever you type in the word "Paxil"). I have gotten in touch with Shawn and he strikes me as a decent chap. At this time they are interested in pursuing individual actions against GSK.. All cases are tried on a contingency fee basis

Pendley Law Firm
I had a chat with Christopher Coffin, one of the six attorneys of this firm. He appears to be a decent chap and has assured me that his firm has the resources and expertise to handle Paxil cases. Although based in Louisiana, they are interested in cases from all over North America. Give them a try and let me know what happens. Update march 2002: class action suit was filed in Louisiana.  

Jeffrey A. Rapkin (Florida)

I received this letter at the end of September , 2002.
" To my fellow Paxil hostages: I'm about to file my lawsuit and I want to
know if anyone out there wants me to put their name on the complaint. I am
not a lawyer looking for business or to make a buck. I am a lawyer who has
been held hostage by this fucking drug for the past five years. Last time I
tried to get off of it I had more than just suicidal thoughts. Without going
into great detail, the withdrawal was more than I could bear and I lost the
struggle. So now here I am at my wits end and I am going to sue.
Now, I will not duplicate the suit that the folks in California have filed
and I have had questions about how their suit is going to succeed. The suit
I have drafted is for people who:

1.) Are a resident of Florida (including part-timers)
2.) Do not have a history of difficulty with anxiety or panic attacks
before taking Paxil,
3.) Were prescribed Paxil by a regular physician, not a psychiatrist,
4.) Began taking Paxil because of a difficult period in their life: such as
the loss of a loved one, a lost job, financial difficulties, post-partum
depression, divorce, or any other type of crisis that would appear to be
temporary in nature,
5.) Want to discontinue use of Paxil but feel that they are unable because
of the suffering that accompanies the withdrawal.

If one through five apply to you, then you and I have something in common.
I'm going after those who made this drug. You and I both know that they
knew what they were doing when they unleashed this unique form of torture on
the public. I am going to file suit. If you wish to join in, send me an
email. I don't want money from you, I don't want anything except a show of
hands. Please tell me that I am not alone.

Poyner Baxter
British Columbia Law firm that has started a class action suit in B.C., Canada. Read their statement of claim here. As far as i know, only BC residents can join , but I could be wrong.

Scarfone Hawkins LLP
Ontario firm, which also launched this web-site. I have not been in contact with them yet. More info after I had a chat with them.

Lauzon Belanger
Quebec firm, which has just launched a class action suit. Note that the three Canadian Firms seem to have synchronized their suits. Again, I have not been in contact with this firm as of yet, so cannot make any recommendations.
Hugh James Ford Simey
Based out of Cardiff Wales, this firms has had at least one meeting with Paxil Withdrawal sufferers, according to the report of one visitor. I have had some contact with them a few months ago, but have not had any direct comunication from them in a while.
Medcalfes Solicitors
Firm is considering pursuing legal action against GSK. No direct contact with them.


General Legal Links (the firms cannot be determined, but I am pretty sure that they are US based)
Paxil Side Effects Law Suits



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