paxil withdrawal support: donation guidelines last updated:  03/10/02

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Please be advised that is a one person operation and not a non-profit organization. It is in fact a no-profit, or not for profit undertaking. Since it is not a registered charity (and due to the bureaucracy involved will likely not become one) I can not provide donors with a tax receipt. In case of a business donation, I can, however, make out a receipt for services rendered, if such services, e.g. consultations, did indeed take place.

Who should NOT donate?

  • persons who are presently going through withdrawal. It is natural to want to help out in a moment of relief. I,myself , once wanted to marry the nurse who injected me with pain killers after an operation. In short, your ability to make a rational decision is impaired.
  • ANY person living on or below their respective national average salary. In no way must there be any sacrifices made! Remember that this site will keep running in one way or another no matter what level of outside support.
  • any person residing in a less developed country. There are better ways to serve your fellow humans.

Who might consider donating ?

  • any business who has profited from information provided by this site.
  • any individual who, with help of this site, has overcome the withdrawal process and is financially very secure. 
  • pharmaceutical executives with a bad conscience.. 

( apologize in advance if the above guidelines offend some people. They are not meant to be paternalistic, but will instead allow me to sleep at night.)


What will the money be used for?

As a poet/writer my income at this time derives mostly from graphic design contracts and manual labor, I have only a set amount of hours and resources which I can devote to this project. Any donations would allow for the following:

  • a re-design of the web-site (the present one was finished in one afternoon and it shows it)
  • expansion of web-site topics
  • expanded research 
  • press releases other publicity measures
  • creation of sister sites
  • computer equipment and upgraded net access.
  • more interaction, e.g. live chat sessions

At present I have to meet a certain financial target every working week. Although I have little need for material things, the banks are demanding their student loans back. Thus, every Can$100 raised would allow me to free up one day to devote exclusively to this site. 


Only Money ?

Offers of help have been coming in from all directions. I am working on a plan to somehow utilize them. However, the co-ordination would, at this time, be too complex. Further, I would have to do some form of background check on any volunteers, something for which I do not have time. Non-monetary items would be very welcome. Specifically, computer hardware or software might come in handy. Guppies will also be gladly accepted.  


What would happen to any donation if this site closed down?

In case this site would close down for whatever reason, all donations would be re-donated to a cause related to Paxil withdrawal. Most likely recipient would be an ongoing research project into SSRI withdrawal.  


If, having read the above, you should still be interested in contributing, you can do so by sending your donation here:

Frank W. Streicher
5562 Bloomfield St.
Halifax, NS
B3K 1S9


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