Web Design
Elegant designs at reasonable rates. For large or programmatically complex sites, I usually merge efforts with very competent associates. Smaller sites can be up and running within two or three days. Emphasis is placed on navigability and aesthetics.

For better or worse, over recent months , I have conceived and designed a number of ad campaigns for various companies. These range from the to the conservative to the outrageous. My philosophy is simple: if you have to fill the world with more ads, you might as well make them works of art.

This one is a bit tricky, for the term is rather broad. Humor is my forte. Thus, if you need to liven up your web site or news letter, I most certainly could be of use. At times, I have been forced into a more serious mode; hence, anniversary poems, love poems, essays about hundreds of topics along with the nessecary research are part of my repertoire. Best of all, if you don't like the sample, it will not cost you a penny. I do have a great editor, whom I employ in these situations (this I add in case you might detect the occasional mistake on this site)

For the last 12 years of my life, translation and interpretation (German to English) have fed me in times of crisis. Please be aware of one thing: a machine can not, as of this date, faithfully and accurately transform the essence of a source text to a target language.


Thanks to my rather unusually wired brain, this is my true strength: although I get easily distracted, once the idea has been sketched out and it comes time to actually develop it, rest assured that pure innovative thought can be quite profitable for any sized company. Best of all, should the idea meet with disfavor, it is absolutly free.

The Clincher: all services are in Canadian Dollars (and it;s sinking like a stone)

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