Press Information Request

Since is a one person operation, the time I have to spend on this site is primarily used to help individuals who are going through the withdrawal process by a) answering their correspondence and b) maintaining the information posted to this site. For this reason press inquiries will be handled in the following way:

Granted as frequently as possible and are naturally free of charge.

Requests for Interview Subjects:
These will be posted free of charge on the opening page for one week. Journalists are expected to provide me with a short paragraph (3 to 5 lines) with the exact wording as it should appear on the site. Also consider posting your inquiries on one or both of the BBS found on the "Chat" page.

Requests for Research from major News Organization:
Any research conducted , including the searching for names and communications with visitors for the purpose of interviews, will be billed at the following rates:

US/ Rest of the World : $50/ hour ($50 minimum)
Canada: $60/hour ($60 minimum)

Request for Research by Nonprofit News Organization (does not include state broadcasters):
These will processed as time permits. Service is free.