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Welcome to the home for all those that have gone or are going through Paxil / Seroxat (Paroxetine Hydrochloride) withdrawal. Although programs like 20/20 and recently published articles in a variety of scientific publication have lent credence to the problems that a percentage of Paxil users are facing when decreasing or stopping the drug, the medical community at large is still ill informed  when it comes to the process as a whole.

This site is set up primarily to reassure sufferers that their  symptoms are quite real and not uncommon. It also serves as an independent rallying point for future actions, legal and otherwise, against SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline).

New!    April 5th 2002 Audio News. (if needed download free RealAudio Player here)


July 26, 2002  The new version of this site is coming along nicely. It might be ready by the end of the summer, or even sooner. Oh, will it ever be pretty.... One thing that will change is the "donation" request. Many of you have thanked me for this site and mentioning, almost apologetically, that a contribution is fiscally not possible. I have come to the conclusion, that this is most likely the case for any visitor to this site: anxiety and depression are too often linked to financial difficulties. Hence, the donation request is now history. 

I do have a new request, however: if you have found this site to be of any use to you, I would greatly appreciate a postcard from your neck of the woods. The new site could then feature a "postcard of the month" , which would be used to lighten things up a bit and to feature the diversity of visitors to this site. You can find the address here. (Bonus for anything related to your local soccer (football) club). I will be rushing to my mailbox with giddy excitement...  will let you know when the first one arrives.

Canadian visitors might have come across a recent article in the Globe about this site. The link seems, alas, to have vanished. Also, someone in the chat group has found a comprehensive survey about Panic Disorder, which includes information about Paxil. 

Thought du Jour:
Judging by the amount of viruses which I receive on a daily basis from visitors to this site, I would like to remind everyone to keep their virus software up-to-date.  For a decent free program please visit this site.

the symptoms:

electric shocks, vivid dreams, ...and many more.

Paxil Withdrawal Guide

there are preventative steps that might ease the withdrawal process. 

100's of others have submitted their stories. Read some of them here.
success stories & advice

at times quitting seems impossible, but it can be done.

message and chat boards:

check out who else is online or leave a message on the bulletin board.
legal issues:

the issue of class action suit has been raised too often to ignore. Sign up for a preliminary list, or find out about ongoing legal actions.
on panic attacks

read up on some off-beat advice or contribute  your own.

the internet is full of resources dealing with Paxil, panic attacks, etc.... 

describe your experience, let off some steam , report broken links or other errors.
paxil in the news:

any information provided by the media related to paxil withdrawal will be found here.
about this site:

learn about the history of this site and its author.

angry at GSK ? Want to let the world know?  

Thanks to the contribution from a  visitor, a compilation of articles on Paxil withdrawal is now available.


FDA Adverse Reporting

Report your experience to the FDA. Other Countries will be added soon.


Escape! contribute!

If you suffer from Paxil withdrawal, sleep will be at a premium. Why not spend some of your waking hours reading some interesting Canadian stories.

Alternatively, contribute to this sites fledgling literature section, titled the Muse  
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Paxil Humor (not yet up) contribute!

Something about all this has to be funny. Please contribute at will.


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