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Maybe the worst part of going through extreme Paxil withdrawal is the isolation that seems to be an inevitable consequence. It is impossible to expect for non-sufferers, no matter how close the relationship, to understand what we are or have gone through. What follows are some of the letters that I have received over the last months. Reading them should reassure you that you are not alone, and that you are indeed not imagining things. For the sake of privacy, I have erased all personal information. Some letters have also been edited for length and relevance. Should you wish to contribute to this page, please feel free to send me an e-mail. This is not a bulletin board however; if you are interested in leaving unfiltered  messages or getting feedback from other visitors please visit the chat page.
Letter of the moment

Express myself freely?  OK... I'm angry.  First I get struck down with depression, which is hell enough in & of itself.  My life was just ticking along & POW!  I had the rug jerked out from under me.  I'm a psychology major in college (make that "was" since I'm on medical leave now because of all this BS) so I "knew" there were psychotrophics that I could turn to.  Paxil... oh, I've read good stuff about Paxil.  It addresses a large spectrum of disorders.  Sure, let's give it a try.  Not only did it NOT alleviate my depression, it made me sicker than a dog.  So my MD took me off it (from 20 mg down to 10 & then off altogether).  I was bummed about my continuing depression but I was glad to be off the meds since they were making me feel so physically crummy.  Little did I know that there would come a day I would beg to merely feel "crummy".  As it stands now, I'm more depressed than I was, I'm on medical leave from school & I have 99% of the Paxil withdrawal symptoms listed on this site.  Today I had seizures.  I'm beginning to wonder what's next, but maybe I'm afraid of that answer.  This site is THE only hope I've come across & for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  When my friends are bummed out, I always tell them "Live in hope" & I guess it's time I follow my own advice.  While it pains me to no end to know others suffer with this, too, it does at least make me feel better to know I'm not crazy.  THANKS for your work in this area!!!      



Bro,    You have no idea how  much your sitehas eased my mind. I thought I was dying last night. I was having whacky strong ass dreams. On top of that it almost felt like i had a panic attack in my dream. And everytime I would start to fall back to sleep I would get the zaps, and start losing my marlbles. It is so true about " thinking your losing your sanity". Its was very nerve racking. I am 1 week and 4 days into cold turkey. Hopefully all goes well
After many years on Nortryptoline, I was recommended to take Paxil.  That was over four years ago.  After taking 20mg for four years, I saw a new doctor who just one month ago increased my dosage to 30mg.  I also took a 1/2-mg or 1/4-mg of Xanax on a need-be basis. Last week as my supply ran out, I decided that I was not satisfied with the medication, and terminated the drug that same day (last Sunday) with no intermediary process.
 Let me tell you about my week:
1. I feel as though my brain views the world at shudder speed of an old 1930's movie camera.
2. A new definition to the term Vertigo is definitely required - Hitchcock would have enjoyed my perspective.
3. Dissatisfaction was at an all-time high.  So much so that I unsolicited told my wife I wanted to move from Hong Kong immediately.  In fact, I told her that I was planning to take a two-month trip just to clear my head.  Keep in mind I have a three-year-old boy and a seven-week-old.  She wasn't sure if her auditory system was failing her or if I had simply lost it.
4. Dreams, let's pass on this one, you can't even imagine what my brain has concocted over the past seven nights.
5. Oddly there was an increase in calmness not irritability.  Perhaps because I have felt so detached that it is hard for me to lose my temper.
6. Hysterical crying - I could watch a Selfridges commercial and wet my hankie.
7. Appetite - I can't stop eating.
8. Inability to exercise - as a result of the vertigo, up until this afternoon, I could barely walk ten yards with any sort of comfort.
The good news, I hope, is that I have made it through the most difficult phase.  For the first time since last Sunday, I actually am starting to feel that I am on the up and up. No fear of Panic or anxiety.  Just praying that I didn't abuse my brain beyond repair. In short, it was cold turkey at its finest.  I felt like Gene Hackman in the French Connection, really. I will gladly keep you updated on this unique case study of mine, me.  I am the guinea pig who was so tired of four years of TMJ as a result of the Paxil (yes brutal TMJ can result from the drug for which I have had botox injections, taken clonozopam to reduce the pain...). Thanks for hosting this site, I only wish it was available when I first confronted this ailment when I was 29 in 1992.
 But it's a blessing that its here for both newcomers and veterans like ourselves.
 Kind regards, Steve


Hi. I am a 39-yr old graduate student working on a PhD in Sociology.  For most of my adult life, I have been depressed (and untreated), and yet have been pretty high functioning.  I have been on Paxil twice in the past six years.  I was on 30 mg and weaned myself off very slowly, and I do remember having symptoms like the ones described on your webpage.  But before I found the page, I did go and have a CAT scan because all I could describe to my doctor was that I was having these weird dizzy spells.  I also had an inner ear exam, but the doctor said my ears were fine, and it was just stress (I was the coordinator for a national public health project).  Now I have been on Paxil again for two years (30 mg), and my doctor and I had discussed a "med vacation."  I think paxil has been interfering with my studies because I have developed a very nonchalant attitude towards my work. It is very unlike me, and I fear has affected my reputation at school.  I am studying for one of my m!
ajor exams, and felt that I needed to get my old energy and some helpful anxiety back in my life.  So, I did a much more rapid cutback this time (without talking to my doctor, I admit).  I went from 30 mg, to six days of 15 mg, and then off.  I am on the fourth day of no paxil, and it is pretty rough.  I have the dizziness, the "shocks", and the shoop-shoop noise in my head.  I call it the "hula hoop in my head."  I am crying at the least provocation, and last night I had my first funky dreams.  I can't remember what they were.  All I know is that I felt I needed to sleep with the light on.  My doctor is on vacation, but we have an appointment in two weeks.  I really want to be off Paxil, so I am going to try and tough it out.  I am taking comfort in the knowledge that I can put a name to what is happening to me, and I will keep in mind the suggestions others have posted.  I am looking forward to posting a success story SOON!  Now, off to get another glass of water.  Thanks for the forum. Cindy

I'm a university professor who was prescribed paxil for clinical depression two years ago. I stayed on 20mg most of the time and then dropped to 10mg for a few months.  To try and get off I cut to 5mg which was initially tough but after a month I got the hang of it.  Now I'm in my 7th day post-paxil wondering when the sloshing in my brain will quit.  Your site has been a tremendous help to me.  My doctor wanted me to stop cold turkey at 10mg which I might have been foolish enough to try had I not visited the site.  I now know that would have been disaster.
You're helping many people, so thank you so much.



I am a 23 year old mother of two small children.  I was prescribed Paxil after going through post traumatic distress disorder due to the September 11th attacks in NYC. I wish that my doctor would have educated me on the withdrawal symptoms and side affects associated with taking this poorly dispensed drug. I was so depressed after Sept. 11, and have been on short term disability due to the depression, anxiety and panic disorders I have developed .Now, some four months following the attack, I am starting to come out of the fog and trying to return to normalcy.    I was taking Paxil 20 mg,  and then my MD amped the medication dosage to 30mg.    After two weeks on Paxil 30mg, I started to have brain seizures.  
I then marched to the MD with my two horrified babies, and demanded to be taken off this awful drug.   I was weaned off for four days, and now January 24, 2002 is my forth day without the paxil.   I have experienced severe migraines, convulsions, seizures, impulses traveling throughout my body as if I am being electrocuted from head to toe.   I have been sleepless, had nightmares if I am able to catch an hour of sleep.  I have also had severe hot flashes and cold chills, and I am so irritable!!!!  I am so upset because my mood is generally well, but my physical well being suffers, as well as my children.   I feel like a very incompetent mother in this stage. I am very optimistic, and I know that I will come out of this a survivor.
I thank you so much for your wonderful website, to allow me to understand the symptoms better, as well as provide myself with support and encouragement, at a time when nobody understands unless you've gone through it! 



Hi, I am a school psychologist and have been taking Paxil for about 5 years...I began when depression became so severe I entered the psych ward...another hospitalization when the 30mg seemed to be inadequate...another 10 added, and last year another 10 bringing me to a total of 50mg daily for depression. Two weeks ago, an argument during which I realize I was not rational and I was faced with another increase. My therapist (a genius) suggested I try Wellbutrim, but with the holidays coming and the lack of available mental health workers, my doctor was hesitant for me to face (medication-free) the holidays with my dysfunctional Addams Family-like relatives. He cautioned  me not to decrease, but I stubbornly have persisted. All I can say What a horrible experience. First I thought I had the flu, then a brian tumor, then MS, and then about every disorder described in the DSM. I have never been one to have attorneys right wrongs, but this really is a difficult drug to!
 withdraw from...I hope the drug industry takes these accoutns seriously...I am determined to quit...tomorrow I will have decreased to 10 mg...



Like others, here, who have experienced the nasty side of paroxetine, I, too, am taking high-end academic qualifications. I say this this only because these activities require a mind that's functioning well. This drug did not help in that respect (confusion.) And I suffered complete loss of libido (erections - non-existent.) These side-effects did eventually lessen.I took the drug for two years (a bad divorce)reducing it to an effective maintenance dose of 5mg/day. The real problems began when I decided one day to abruptly stop it. I felt good but was tired of the lingering sexual dysfunction and other side-effects. I'm aware of the 'weaning off' process but figured the dose was low enough not to matter. Within two days I became extremely irritable. This quickly turned to overt aggression. By the end of the week I was confronting and threatening ordinary folks in my local town (not to mention my family.) Finally,I stole a bottle of wine from asupermarket, in full view of customers.
This was an act of sheer provocation, not theft (I couldn't have cared less about the goods.)  As expected, I was confronted by the Store Manager. I expected to be violent but, stangely, that didn't happen. I'd not have believed then that I was capable of stopping myself. Yet, prior to this, I've never stolen, nor felt the inclination to steal, in my life. I've never experienced, previously, anything like the feelings of aggression. Odd, isn't it, that this should correspond to dropping paroxetine (and vanish in due course.) There's no question that the behaviour was not caused by the drug..or its sudden absence.  Now, thanks to  GlaxoSmithKline, an incompetent lawyer, and a ridiculously unaware/unsympathetic judge, I have an embarrassing conviction for minor theft. If I had been violent it would be worse. I believe the effects of these drugs must be urgently re-examined.


This site has been really helpful, not only to me but to my patients.  I am a clinical psychologist and many of my patients have reported withdrawal symptoms from Paxil, as well as from other SSRI's.  I have to admit, I was like many of therapists and physicians mentioned on your page, in minimizing the withdrawal process, since it was not well-documented in the clinical trial literature.  Let me just say now- "I'm a believer".  After being on Paxil myself for about 1 year, I am now weaning myself off. Talk about withdrawal!  I have the dizziness and irritability spoken about by other individuals.  Today, I knew things were really bad, when at my son's play, a child, "the cow" failed to jump over "the moon" and was upset.  I wanted to burst out crying, and could hardly keep from tears welling up in my eyes.  At first, as much as I tend to "intellectualize" things regularly, I immediately thought I was going crazy or that the depression was back full force.  It was so refreshing to read accounts from others that they have had similar experiences.  I've been taking 1 20mg pill every 2 days, then every 3 days, now I'm on every 4 days, but it seems to be getting worse!!


Your information has helped me beyond description. After being on Paxil for 5 years, I asked my physician to prescribe an alternative. So, about a month ago he began decreasing and then eliminating the Paxil completely. The weaning off process lasted about 5 days. Then I started on Serzone. Of course I have the "flu like symptoms", but then about two weeks ago I began this phase that has been like a living hell. I am afraid to fall asleep because I have these overly vivid, bizarre dreams. I've gone from being a very "on top of things" employee to having the most horrendous difficulty with my short term memory. I have been terrified that I would die, or lose my mind in the process. I stumble at times when I walk and I have never had these kind of problems. I am apologizing daily to my co-workers and supervisor for my "dinginess". I do a lot of crying, which is a change, because on Paxil, crying was almost impossible. This is all so embarrassing and frightening. I pray that this!
 will end soon. Every day lately is a fight just to "hold on". Thanks for listening. Kathie

I was on paxil for almost two years. About three weeks ago, I decided to wean myself off of paxil after talking to my Dr. about it. Boy I didn't know what I was in for. As I got to a pill every other day I begin to have the most vivid and horrific nightmares. My husband would have to wake me because I would be screaming and crying. I too had electric type shock sensation in my head. I also experienced Irritability, confusion, a feeling of a swishing sound in my head when I moved my head, imbalance, Insomnia, and violent thoughts. I thought it was just me, until someone told me to look up this sight. The awful thing about this was that my 16 year old son was taking paxil occasionally for his anger (7 months). He was always so depressed. In July my son took his own life. I'd hate to think it was because of the symptoms of occasionally being off of paxil.

I believe this medication should be taken off the market. I write this in memory of my son hoping that others might realize their not alone. Thank you for your web sight S. Crow


Hi, I can't believe that there are other people dealing with what I am dealing with.  I stopped the Paxil 7 days ago, and I am so moody and depressed.  My doctor did not warn me...had I known I would be feeling like this, I would have waited to get off of it.  It is December, I am finishing grad school and I have finals, but I don't care about it.  I was dating someone wonderful with great potential, and he broke up with me because "one minute I was OK, and the next I wasn't" and "I would get mad at him for no reason."  I messed that up and blame myself.  I yell at everyone, and I just want to start caring about things again.  I can't sleep at night, so that's a lot of fun because I dwell about the things that I have messed up.  Lastly, I obsessively worry about everything.  I want my sanity back for Christmas.


I just wanted to add that before this experience with Paxil withdrawal, I had no claims or ill feelings toward pharmaceutical companies.  In fact, I always wanted to be a pharmaceutical sales representative.  After this, I have changed my outlook on the pharmaceutical industry, I am determined to be a social activist against this type of abuse to patients and consumers.
 I see clearly now as a nurse that a lot of my hospice patients were on a SSRI like Paxil and including Paxil.  I am concerned that because I was not educated on this subject that some of my terminally ill patients suffered due to SmithKline Beecham and other pharmaceutical companies negligence as well as my ignorance. Ninety-nine percent of my patients declined over a period of time prior to death and were unable to swallow their medicines, so they were abruptly taken off of their medicines, as well as Paxil and others like Paxil.
I am very concerned that due to being abruptly taken off of these types of medicines, they suffered these withdrawals and couldn't even verbalize it due to being comatose and near death.  I could not imagine having these types of withdrawal symptoms while going through the dying process.  I am more appalled by this than my own experience.
In one day this has become a very heart felt subject with me, especially now that I have experienced it for myself.  I am and will be passionate regarding this subject.  I will do what is legally, morally, and ethically necessary to see that this type of abuse to our consumers is ceased. This is my chance to do what every nurse and medical professional should do, and that is to be an advocate for the people we take care of and love, as well as ourselves.

I would like to thank you for your page. I thought I was the only one who is suffering from Paxil withdrawal. I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran who suffers from severe PTSD. I thought that the dreams and nightmares were bad from that. Not on your life. When I try to back off the Paxil it is horrible. I get Agoraphobia, electric type shocking in my head, twitching feeling, cold sweats, sleep disorder, no sex drive, the list just goes on. I feel as if I am stuck with the Paxil for the rest of my life


I weaned myself 2 years ago, it was horrible for about 2 months, I could not even drive. But, finally the symptoms went away. The reason for taking Paxil was for panic attacks associated with mitral valve prolapse. I was off paxil for one year and had a baby, then relapsed and had to get on paxil again. Now I am trying to get off of paxil again, I have been on it for 19months. I am once again experiencing the dizziness , nausea, vertigo, etc. But, I am determined to get off of it for good this time. My father also experienced withdrawals from paxil. The first time doctors did not have a reason for the withdrawal symptoms, I am so thankful this is finally being brought to everyone's attention. This is horrible to go through. Something needs to be done for all of the people going through this.

After I stopped drinking (I'll have 2 years of sobriety in July),  I thought I would try medication again.  I was on 20mg of Paxil a day for 2 months before I started experiencing diminishing returns.  The doctor (without interviewing me for more than five minutes, this would be the second time I spoke to the psychiatrist, the first interview lasted about ten minutes) upped my dosage to 30mg a day.  I took this dosage for a month; the anxiety and depression were almost completely eliminated; however, I was sleeping between 12-16 hours a day.  I really don't have that kind of time.  I called my doctor again to let him know how badly the side-effects were whipping me, he decreased my dosage.  After a couple of days at the lower dosage, I began to feel out of sorts again so, this time, I quit using Paxil altogether.  My shrink told me that the side effects would only last a few days and, in a month, he would get me on a different medication.    At this time, he made no mention of withdrawal symptoms and, truth be told, neither did the copy of the PDR I consulted.

  Two days later, the dizzy spells started.  Three days later, the dizziness was constant.  That night, it was like all of the anxieties, all of inner demons that had been pent up over the four months I was on Paxil (and indeed over the years before) were screaming through my dreams.  I did feel as if I were in the grips of an uncontrollable madness.  I dreamed the world around me had melted away and that I had been shifted into an alternate reality, were the laws that governed the universe changed moment by moment and each change was worse than the last.  While I am awake, my fingers constantly tingle, my heart feels like it wants to claw its way through my chest, I can not focus (this e-mail has been extremely difficult to concentrate on) for more than a few moments at a time, its like being trapped in a bell-tower where manic monks constantly yank unseen bell-cords.
  I think I understand now where Poe was coming from when he wrote The Bells.  Withdrawal from Paxil has colored my world with Lovecraftian paints.  Its like those monsters that Lovecraft once imagined wandered in the "spaces between" have found a gateway in my cortex and they all want a chance to come through to experience this world.    It has been a week and things just keep getting worse.


I cannot believe that there are others out there with the same symptoms as I have been feeling. I have experienced a feeling like my eyes couldn't keep up to the turning of my head, and extreme sweating and nausea. The worst is probably the rage I feel at absolutely nothing, triggered by anything. I have never had this problem before, and when I began lashing out at my two-year old, I knew there was really a problem. Now I just have to find a solution, as I have tried to get off Paxil four times!


The first time I went off Paxil, not knowing then what I know now, I lasted one month before starting again. It seemed to me that I had returned back to my usual anxiety/stress symptoms, for which I was prescribed Paxil. All of my symptoms disappeared within the first day of restarting the Paxil. I stayed on Paxil for some time and slowly weaned myself off Paxil the second time around. Nausea, diarrhea, imbalance, electric-type shocks in head and sometimes elsewhere, and vivid dreams reappeared. It was then I realized it wasn't me, but Paxil causing my symptoms. So I went back on Paxil and decided that I'd wean myself more slowly this third time around. I've yet to get the courage to begin the weaning. But, with the information in this website, I'm encouraged that "this too shall pass". I certainly do wish I'd been told about all of this prior to commencing the drug, for I most certainly would have requested something else. I told my doctor that I had taken Xanax years ago and did not want any part of that again. I had no trouble going off that as I was denied a prescription refill one day and got mad and started exercising every day and that helped. That was 10 years ago and I still exercise everyday. I do have to admit that Paxil has relieved me of my anxiety/stress symptoms, but makes me slightly sluggish at times and sleepy. I want my old energy back. Thank you for letting me vent and for this website.


I recently saw a 20/20 episode that addressed this issue and I was in tears. I had tried to go off Paxil last year and suffered through episodes of withdrawal that I wouldn't wish on an enemy. I could feel and hear my eyes moving in my head. My balance was off, I could not focus on anything, visual or otherwise. I some how drove myself to the Dr. that was weaning me off the Paxil and plopped on her office steps begging for help. I thought I would have to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital for sure. I thank God that she realized that it was a case of severe withdrawal and gave me a double dose and had me stay in her office lying down for a few hours. When I woke up I could still feel and hear the eye movement but it was much improved. We subsequently decided it wasn't worth the trouble of trying to come off it. But a year later I didn't feel the Paxil was cutting it anymore and felt that changing to a different SSRI was in order. This time I consulted a Psychiatrist that weaned me off Paxil and she put me on Prozac. I still had some trouble but nothing compared to the first experience. I think the most important thing to let people attempting to come off Paxil is to know that these symptoms exist and that can be addressed. Also that someone close to the person should be aware of what is going on so they can be aware of any strange behavior and therefore be able to get help if needed.

I have many different symptoms but the most often felt was a "zinging" feeling in my head, somewhat like electrical zapping. Although not painful, it becomes annoying and tends to make me unstable when walking. I often feel like my ears are full of fluid and my brain bounces off the inside walls of my skull as I walk or am in motion. My short term memory can be embarrassingly bad. I'll stop in the middle of a sentence because I can't remember what I was discussing. My speech sometimes is delayed. Making words with my mouth are sometimes difficult and disconnected to my thoughts and I become very frustrated when this happens. I had a job that became harder and harder to arrive at because it took me so long to just get out the door in the morning. My thoughts would race at times making it difficult to finish one task before starting another. And, while trying my best to get ready for work or anywhere, I'd seem to go around in circles, accomplishing nothing. I spent more time staring because I would get confused and just didn't want to think. Thinking became a struggle, especially following directions. I couldn't remember names, conversations I had with my husband and friends. I felt like there was something wrong and that I was becoming unable to function the way others around me did. I eventually left my job to stay home because it became too difficult to concentrate on my work. The anxiety and depression would wax and wan but my mood was so unpredictable that it affected my family and my marriage. I pulled away from friends and family for self preservation. I became tired a lot yet I'd stay up all night. When an occasional panic attack was festering, I knew that the medicine needed to be adjusted. 


After taking 20 mg of Paxil daily for several months, I decided to try to do without it for a while. I quit cold turkey. In reality I never connected the symptoms which began shortly thereafter to the discontinuance of taking the Paxil. I have heard no one else claim these symptoms, however, and they continued for two weeks until I decided to take the Paxil again. The symptoms stopped almost immediately when I resumed my normal dosage.
Symptoms: Whenever I redirected my vision to the left, right, up or down, I perceived a sensation in my head which resembled the sound that would be duplicated if one were to rub or scratch one's earlobe with one's fingertip four or five times in rapid succession. But the sound was in my head, not at the ear. The sensation was most perceptible in a quiet environment such as when lying in bed. I thought I was going crazy. I found myself continually moving my eyes back and forth repeatedly to check if the sensation would still be there. It always was, until I remedicated. The perception of that brushing sound even was noticeable when I moved my eyes while they were closed, though it did not seem as intense. I was truly frightened and now I am afraid to discontinue my Paxil usage.

I watched with interest the news program 20/20 last night as I have just recently gone off Paxil. This was my second attempt and I did it while on vacation this summer because I knew it was going to be hell. I had every symptom that the people described on the program last night...electric shock type feeling in my brain, EXTREME dizzy spells and headaches every single day for two weeks. I am doing a lot better now. I have been off Paxil for a few weeks now. It helped my depression while I was taking it, but it is pure HELL going off of it!

My main symptom is the "electrical shock" feeling in my head. I also get this "numbing sensation" around my upper lip, nose, mouth area. The shock feeling is sort of dizzying but it's not really a dizziness and it happens in conjunction with movement such as turning my head or changing direction. I never thought about my movements until I tried to stop taking the Paxil. When I finally realized the Paxil stopped these symptoms I started taking it again. I am afraid to stop taking it. The symptoms in a way cause me to become somewhat depressed. Maybe now that I know I am not the only one I can successfully get free of it. I found your website from a newsmag show I saw on 8/25/00 evening and I almost cried when I heard my symptoms coming out of someone else's mouth. 


Thank you so much for this site. I thought I was going crazy, feeling like I was a hypochondriac. I am an RN and couldn't figure out what was going on with me. I even went to the doctor and was diagnosed with idiopathic vertigo, prescribed Antivert and given a brochure on exercises that can be done to eliminate any debris that may be in the inner ear. I never did the exercises but the medication did help with the spells did occur. The spells lasted about three weeks and quickly left just as fast as they had started. Those three weeks were very scary thinking terrible thoughts, eliminating any other causes, I was left thinking I must have a brain tumor. I remember telling my doctor that in a joking manner but it was still in the back of my mind. Something really weird was going on, something unexplained and that was very scary. Thank you so much.


I experienced all the symptoms you listed plus a few more. I could hear and feel the electrical shocks in my brain, which were worse with movement. Sensitivity to light, nausea, a constant headache and debilitating fatigue. The vivid dreams were horrible by the way. Just when I began to get on my feet again I lost my $40,000.00 a year job, because my sales dropped to almost zero while I was sick and also I made the mistake of confiding in a supervisor about what I was going through. It was a double blow of having to experience the hellacious withdrawal and then lose my job because of it!

I have been off of paxil for 6 days. I called my doctor with concerns of loss of memory, blackouts, dizziness ect. and asked if it could be related to my no longer taking the medicine. My doctor informed me he was not aware of such things being related to no longer taking paxil. I only wish I had seen your web site prier to my starting this medication. Here I have a doctor, Handing out scripts for something he knows nothing about. I guess If they dont do their homework I'll have to start doing mine. For my own good. Thank you very much for the enlightened view. I thought I was going nuts. Now I know these symptoms are to be expected. Many thanks.


I want to tell you how relieved I was to read your list of Paxil side effects. Because of a possible pregnancy, I abruptly stopped taking Paxil after having taken it for several months. My symptoms began about five days after my last dose (20 mg/day). I woke up that morning feeling extremely dizzy and dreamlike. I am a clinical therapist, and the idea that kept running through my head was "this is how derealization must feel"--how funny that your website describes it as depersonalization! If I move my head or eyes quickly, there is a kind of delay in my line of sight. I have noticed what feel like long, epic-like dreams the past few nights, and have had two violent nightmares in the past week. Additionally, I felt clumsy and uncoordinated--almost as if intoxicated. I read up on early pregnancy and initially attributed the symptoms to this. When a test came back negative, I was beginning to fear some sort of neurological impairment. That's when I read your website.
This certainly is an evil little pink pill i've been taking for 2 years. I've been taking 20mg for 2 years and quit cold turkey 5 days ago. I experience almost all symptoms mentioned. The "shocks" are frequent, and concentration is almost non-existent. I find myself stumbling on simple words on occasion. I find that I have the most VIVID thoughts/dreams during the short(although feels like an eternity) time between awake and asleep. I take that back. Vivid is an understatment. The dream-like state is comparable to psychadelic drugs. Withdrawl from this drug is insane! I hate it! I took work off today because of it. And were i describe these withdrawal symptoms to my boss, he'd NEVER believe me. I'm so glad others have experienced these horrific symtoms. I thought I was begining to lose my mind. In closing I would like to say; This is an evil drug! Do not take it! Find an alternative. I wouldn't wish paxil withdrawal on my worst enemy!

Hey man I thank god I found your site. I am 18 year old male I thought I had a serious undiagnosed medical problems which caused me to have extreme anxiety. I have been glancing over it several times especially the withdrawal symptoms. I have all of the symptoms you have listed and it's been 4 months now since I quit paxil . I tapered too fast off of the damn drug but I wasn't notified by my doctor to taper off. I was on it for a year and quit within 3 weeks! I wanted to notify you of a few more withdrawal symptoms that I have experienced not listed on your site: Music abnormally stuck in my head playing over and over again, viral infection (herpes simplex), weird head twitches, feels like my brain is grinding back and forth (worse when exercising), derealization (don't feel here), jaw grinding. I also have had a rash on my face and really dry skin. After I quit paxil I was super scared that I had a medical problem because I read somewhere that a rash is a sign of a severe medical problem. Please advise people if you already did not to not believe anything they may think is wrong with them during the months after paxil. It is the withdrawal!!! Peace


... and they keep poring in. The above are just a few examples of the 2000 + letters I have received in the last year and a half. From time to time I will add some more of your accounts. Please include some general autobiographical references, to help illustrate that this Paxil withdrawal cuts a swath through all segments of society. 

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