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Use this page to get in touch with others who are going through the withdrawal process. Please be courteous and patient with each other.

Note, that these forums are not moderated or supervised . Viewer discretion is advised.


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Bulletin Boards

Formal discussion area, , hosted by EZBoard, subdivided into a number of categories. This board was set up at the beginning of 2002, as a response to repeated complaints of abuse by users of the old board.
Please keep discussions Paxil specific and report any major problems to the webmaster.

The old board is a bit of a free for all. Although Paxil withdrawal is the major point of discussion, you will find some personal banter between longtime users. Note, that I cannot and will not regulate the content of this BBS.


The Yahoo Club
This club was set up a number of years ago as a forum to discuss surrounding Paxil withdrawal. Before participating, you will have to join first. Once signed up, you are ready to leave messages or join a chat. Choose the level of anonymity desired: no names need to be given out.

Chat Room
Although their might be someone in the chat room at any time, it has been suggested that a common time might increase the odds of people meeting. Here are my suggestions:
8 pm ( 20:00 hours) EST [ New York time ] and
8 pm ( 20:00 hours) GMT [ London time ]

The program is slow to load . Please be patient.                



Quitpaxil's Guest Map

This little feature appears to be jolly good fun. Indicate where you are from by sticking a pin on the world map and add a little message for other visitors



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