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  Adverse Effects Reporting  

Although in the US the FDA has changed the labeling for Paxil in 2002, it is still appears to side step the major withdrawal issues.

If you have suffered from severe Paxil withdrawal, make sure to report it using the links provided.

I am still very much interested in including other countries links here. Please send me any relevant information concerning adverse drug reporting in your country


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FDA Adverse Reporting Links (USA)
For a quick phone complaint about Paxil call the FDA (MedWatch) at :
1-800-332-1088 (choose Option 2, then 2 again)

Explanation of the US FDA's adverse reporting (AE) procedures can be found at the following url:

There are two ways to fill out the form:
a) via the net at this URL:
practitioners can also use this URL

b) using the Adobe Form provided at this URL:
If not already installed on your computer, you will need to download the Adobe reader from here

Health Canada Adverse Reporting Link

Although Health Canada seems to take its cue all too often from the FDA, it does have an its own adverse reporting system. You will find the necessary forms here.

Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration

Information on how to report Adverse Drug problems Down Under is found here




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