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  The Edge  

Welcome to quitpaxil's repository of the ridiculous and the sublime. It is intended to lighten things up a bit. Here you will find great stories, wacky e-mails and anything unusual which has come my way over the last few years.

This is still a page in progress. If you would like to contribute any form of art, from poems to flash creations, please do so here.


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E-mails from the Edge
Every once in a while , I receive an e-mail that is a work of art in itself. Other times, I might receive the most ludicrous drivel. Whilst I still have to rifle through the archives to get at some of the good stuff, here is a sample.
Paxil in LA (Lily Villain) ... a well written, frantically paced rant
Paxilcop .... to serve and suffer
9/11 ....... humour beats Paxil
pink not green ....... free paxil but at what price
pleasure ..... once in a while , I have to rub my eyes.
wrath ..... quitpaxil's first hate mail


Stories from the Edge
From simple narration to elaborate poems: all will be included here. Paxil does not have to appear. Send whatever you come up with. Since sleep is a problem when getting of the drug and dreams are extremely lucid, why not pop off something now!
The Concert (Lily Villain) ... hell has no fury...
Blind Reason ... sample chapter from a book sent in by Patricia Griffon. What is the nasty drug that was found next to the corpse? Could it be an SSRI ? Find out more by buying the book.
Simpson Spoof ... sent in by the SSRI Crusaders
little pill ...sent in by a 16 year old contrinutor


Art from the Edge
Under the influence of paxil withdrawal, strange visions emerge
Alternate Aropax Packaging - created by Rich Jeffries (Adbusters would be proud)
Paxil Days ... comic strip diary by a young visitor.


Editorials from the Edge
Sometimes, I just cannot hold my tongue.
The Foolish Drug Administration... Aug.22/02


Links from the Edge
Non Paxil links created by visitors to this site.
Counter Punch - old fashioned muck raking - site that I created for a great local funk band. Email them and tell them to get their act back together.
The Imposter - unpublished, raw Canadiana. A way to amuse myself away from all that Paxil.
Made in the World - cutting edge Halifax band. One page site which I traded for some beers
Kara's Story - sent in by a grieving mother.




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