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From here, you can leave this site to find other resources dealing with Paxil, Panic and related matters.

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Paxil Withdrawal Links - information and support on Paxil, Paxil withdrawal and the conditions for which it is prescribed. Real solutions by real people.
Paxil Free - great site for anybody going through the process
Paxil Database-  similar type of site to this one; nice layout and heaps of information.
Project zap - little site dealing with the 'zapping sensation' common to withdrawal.
Pax- hell - online diary written by an ex-user
My Paxil Nightmare -as the name says - first person account of one person's struggle.
Misadventure - a well designed site dealing with one man's struggle with Paxil withdrawal.
Another personal site : strong anti-psychiatry slant
The Anti-Paxil Petition - worth a click
Kangaroo Court - blog entries by journalist working on Paxil trial (check the entries before and after that date)

Mögliche Symptome nach Absetzen von Paroxetin ( Seroxat) German Language list of withdrawal effects

General Paxil Links
Citizen .org's Paxil page - excellent summary
University of Marylands Video Counceling - prescription information
Paxil Q&A from Infolink - as title states - comprehensive Paxil information archive - usefull information. Not sure why the author has her picture take up half the opening page... she is rather pretty, however. The ad for effexor also makes me wonder.'s Paxil page - standart medical information's Paxil page - again, standart stuff
Prozac Truth's Paxil Page - concentrates on drug's side effects
Heaven Sent or Hell Bent - British Paxil/seroxat site which explores the pros and cons of Paxil - GlaxoSmithKlein's official site (it's very pretty)
Paxil Forum - run by YayHooray!
Seroxat User's Group - run out of the UK. Nice looking site


Panic Disorder and Depression Links
The Anxiety Community -extensive resources on the disorder.
ALGY -an excellent site for all thing related to Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Anxiety Disorder of America -good all around site's Anxiety/Panic pages - not bad
Facts for Health - small site, but well laid out
Social Anxiety UK - as the name says
PADA - good Panic disorder site
Comprehensive Panic/ Anxiety Survey
Anxiety/ - search engine on topic
Anxiety/ Panic Hub - extensive Australian site - good German panic attack site

Have-a-heart - a bit cheesy, but a good overview of depression
Depression alliance - UK non-profit site
National Foundation for Depressive Illness - US site, good overview
DMDA - The National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association - leans toward medicated solutions, but good little site


Other SSRI Links - Adbuster site (great design) - the anti SSRI crusader's web site. (This chap was refused a promised chair from the Uo Toronto after giving an anti-Prozac speech. Widely used by anti SSRI lawyers.
Prozac Survivor - needs updating
Prozac Truth - the other side of the story.

Zoloft Withdrawal - pag

Effexor Withdrawal - heaps of links
(please send other SSRI links)


Miscallanious Links
International Coalition for Drug awareness
The Bright Side- Wings of Support - volunteer run support site
Social Audit Home page - excellent drug awareness site from the UK
True Hope- natural treatments for mental health problems
Mentalhealth Net - excellent all around resource

Antidepressant Facts - definitly not fans of the drug industry

Wildest Colts - anti psychiatry drug site geared at parents
SANE -excellent Australian Mental health site
NAMI - US mental disorder advocacy site
Free Anti Virus software - use it please! (5-6 worms a day to this site)



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