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Links to news stories that feature the Paxil controversy in one way or another.

Note: I require your assistance to keep this page up to date. Hence, should you find a URL with a Paxil related news story, please send it my way. .


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Stories featuring
Le difficile sevrage au Paxil - "Le Point" CBC TV documentary (french)
Paxil Withdrawal; Medical Device Concerns - please remember that the camera adds ten pounds and removes hair.
Going off Paxil? Do it slowly - short CBC piece; includes radio version
Halifax man's Web site rallies Paxil withdrawal sufferers - local paper
Withdraw slowly from pills that affect the brain- Globe and Mail health column
Quit Paxil, And Then: Zap! - Washington Post
Paxil and Addiction - Counterpunch


Selected Paxil Related News Stories
Paxil is forever - City Pages (Minnesota weekly)
Seroxat: the Citizen investigates - British newspaper's Paxil investigation pages.
The Secrets of Seroxat - BBC's Panorama investigates
Social Audit Complaints against GSK upheald re: promotion of Paroxetine (Seroxat, Paxil etc)
Interview with Don Farber Part II: more from the feisty attorney behind the Paxil Withdrawal Lawsuit. (from Unconventional Psychology Vol. 1, Issue 2)
The Trick to Putting Paxil Behind: Proceed Slowly, Under a Doctor's Care - Washington Post
Falling off Prozac - ABC story on SSRIs including Paxil
Dr. David Dunner:Paxil's Friendly Ghostwriter? - counterpunch magazine
'Pushing' Pills to the Anxious - from "wired" magazine
20/20 Paxil piece - the one that woke up the media (and the lawyers)
Paxil caused withdrawal illness: Ontario lawsuit - CBC
Paxil can cause newborns to suffer withdrawal: researchers -CBC
First, you market the disease... then you push the pills to treat it - Guardian UK
Patients may sue over anti-depressant - BBC
Suit filed against anti-depressant Paxil - CNN story
Antidepressant Seroxat tops table of drug withdrawal symptoms - Guardian UK
Against Depression, a Sugar Pill Is Hard to Beat - Washington post
The chemistry of happiness - Guardian UK


Up to the Minute Paxil Stories
Media round-up of Paxil storiesfrom around the world. Updated daily. (press your 'refresh page' button if needed)



Yahoo's News search
For the latest news regarding Paxil click on the button below (my gratitude to Darcy Baton from for his help). Sadly, it appears that Yahoo has change most of this service a pay-per-view

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