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Royally pissed at GSK for their inaction regarding acknowledging problems surrounding Paxil? Well, let it rip. This page has been set up purely as a frustration release mechanism .

Note, please, that this is not a forum. Please do not leave messages for each other (for this, you can use the chat boards). It is a virtual certainty that the company or its lawyers are monitoring sites like these; feel free to address them directly.


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Achieved Rants (warning: adult language)d Rants
...up to July 2001
Sept 2001 to Aug. 2002 (long)

Until the form below is activated, please use the TEMPORARY RANT guest book.
Please do not use it as a chat board: there are already two at your disposal.

In the meantime, why not contact the CEOs of GSK and let them know what you are thinking. Please be civil and avoid threats. Humour is an effective weapon. Shame is even better.


Mr. David Stout
GlaxoSmithKline US Pharmaceuticals
5 Moore Drive,
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Mr. Jean-Pierre Garnier, CEO
1 Franklin Plaza
P.O. Box 7929
Philadelphia, PA 19101-7929
Fax: 215-751-7043

Mr. Jean-Pierre Garnier, CEO
Berkeley Avenue, Greenford
Middlesex, U.K. UB60NN

James B. D. Palmer, M.D.
Senior Vice President
New Product Development,
5 Moore Drive, Research Triangle Park,
NC 27709

Dr. Tachi Yamada



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