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This page serves as a way to get in touch with the creator of these pages.

Use it to point out flaws in the site, recount your own story, ad symptoms, advice and links , or simply say hello.

Please be patient when it comes to replies. This is a one person operation and I usually get to the mail only once a week. I do, however, appreciate every letter and have, so far, attempted to answer each piece of mail.

Important: please peruse the whole site before asking specific questions. Also take note of the listed topics, which I can or will not address.


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Please note that I can or will not give information on the following topics:

  • should you start/ stop taking Paxil: this decision is up to you
  • Paxil and pregnancy
  • interaction between Paxil and other drugs
  • other SSRIs (I have not had any experience with them)
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Aug.22.2002: following form not yet functional. If you want to send an anonymous email, you can head to the old site.

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